How Twitter Helped Me Land Anthony Robbins

By Michael Stelzner

You might be wondering, “Can Twitter actually help me generate leads and close business?”

My answer is a resounding YES.

Anthony RobbinsAnd here’s just one of the many stories I could share about how Twitter has helped my business close a deal.

And it just wasn’t ANY deal, it was the world famous Anthony Robbins, famous for his Unleash The Power Within events.

So it was just an average day a few weeks ago.  As a policy, I follow everyone who follows me on Twitter. I use a service called TweetLater that fully automates that process for me.  The advantage is that new people that follow me can send me private direct messages on Twitter.

I received a direct message on Twitter from a gal named Amy Porterfield.  She said that someone else on Twitter—facebook guru Mari Smith—had recommend me and her question was this:

“Do you only teach people to write white papers or do you actually do them for companies?”

Okay, so clearly this was a lead as far as I was concerned.

Using Twitter, I shot back, “I do both, pick your poison…”

Then what proceeded was very interesting…

Nurturing The Twitter Lead

Knowing Amy worked for a high profile person that I would like to have as a client, I closely tracked her Twitter stream and it turned out she was tracking mine as well.

We began retweeting each others posts over the period of a week.  This was a nice way of bringing each other exposure from our prospective audiences.

Then I suggested we have a call (using Twitter to convey the suggestion) and actually take this relationship off Twitter for a few minutes.

She tweeted for all to see, “Mike, the Tony Robbins marketing team is looking forward to chatting with u about our next white paper. Thanks for your info!”

During the call, I tweeted “On the phone with @TonyRobbins marketing director…”

The entire process of nurturing this lead happened fully over Twitter and I did land the job.

During the process I also got a lot of my Twitter followers asking, “What happened with Tony Robbins?”  It seems the whole process of being publicly transparent actually increased other folks interest in me!  What a concept.

So just this week I began working with Tony’s team and I owe it to the power of Twitter.

Even through the project process, we are using Twitter to convey ideas and updates.  For example, Amy sent me a direct message on Twitter yesterday saying, “Running 5 minutes behind, will be on the call shortly.”

Click to retweet this articleSome take away thoughts…

  • Use common sense when using Twitter to nurture a lead: Send messages using the direct message link, just as you would over email, but keep them simple
  • Study your prospects Twitter feed: This will help you understand that person’s interests and perhaps enable you to share relevant content (good old fashion lead nurturing)
  • Share what you’re doing with your followers: Twitter offers a new level of business transparency that can actually act as a social proof mechanism, proving to the world you are valuable

How has Twitter helped you land prospects?

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  • Kellye Crane

    Hi Mike- you may recall that I “followed” you onto Twitter way back when (your blog post about taking the plunge inspired me to do the same!). I can say without reservation that participating on Twitter (and in other social media) has had real, positive results for my business. The personal and professional development rewards are even greater.

    Thanks for sharing your tip about being transparent during the new business process, and congrats on landing Tony as a client!


  • Michael Stelzner

    Hey Kellye – Yes, the transparency thing is something new to many of us marketers… Still getting a grip on it myself.


  • marti garaughty

    hi Mike, an awesome illustration of “The Why Of Twitter”, from Mari to Amy to Tony to you, sort of like 6 degrees of separation on steroids.

    Last year I was one of the many who didn’t get the whole Twitter craze, it finally sank in and now I can’t imagine a day without it. Later…

  • Ed

    Very nice post Michael.
    I’m glad that Chris Garrett and Hendry Lee
    tweeted it to my attention.

    { I have a similar story :)
    Tony is a genuinely a terrific person}

    Twitter is magnificent.

    Some of top social media, marketing, industry folks
    think they are succeeding with it.

    From medium gigs, to speaking at Google.

    But there is a much higher level this plain plane can provide:

    If you ditch everything that’s made you professional,
    you have a chance to do create amazing relationships.

    I mean an unknown, deeply engaging the most in-demand in
    private, daily, because twttr, er, twitter, exists.

    Good health,

  • Joey Logano Fan

    Wow Mike, that’s awesome! And you are right… it just goes to show you how powerful twitter can really be.

  • Goran Giertz

    Excellent! Well done, and thank you for sharing your twitterrific tale! Awesome client to have, and may your realtionship prove to be fruitful and mutually beneficial! I do feel that I’m starting to warm to the whole twitter thing, slowly but surely….

  • Carpet Flooring Florida

    Mike really its been fantastic for you and thx for telling about “TweetLater”.
    Twitter become very powerful media for business as well.

  • Freelance sales agents

    Wow! I can’t expect that I’ll get results quite as spectacular as these, but you’ve definitely convinced me that I need to make the move on to Twitter for the sake of at least trying it!

  • Online Forex Brokers

    Michael. Even though I have a twitter account myself, and have tweeted on it occasionally, I never really believed in the concept. Yours is the only post I’ve ever read that leads me to say “Oh, so that’s how you are really supposed to do it”.

    I also use the free tweetlater program. The automatic follow, unfollow and message tools are a real time saver.

    You’ve got yourself a new reader here!!

    Thanks (may I call you ) Mike

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  • kalorifer böceği ilaçlama

    Wow Mike, that’s awesome! And you are right. Thank You

  • Jacques Snyman | 3Quotes

    This rates as a top testimonial in my book. What a great client to land. Twitter is definitely doing the job for you, Michael!

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