Video: How to Grow Your Social Media Stature: An Interview With Jason Falls

By Michael Stelzner

Wondering how to grow your popularity in the social media world? Then watch this video…

I recently sat down with social media guru Jason Falls ( to talk about how he grew in popularity using good old fashioned networking.

Click to retweet this articleIn this video, Jason talks about:

• How he strategically grew in popularity on the social media frontier
• Social media tips for PR professionals
• Measuring return on investments with social media

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  • SM

    Seems like the SocialMediaExplorer link you have is broken.

  • Michael Stelzner

    Thanks SM! Fixed that

  • Salwa

    Great interview with some interesting insights. I really like his point about the quality of building relationships with influential people and target that message to their audience and I believe this is one of the main advantage of using social media as it’s allow you to do just that!

  • Gary Rust

    Great video and to the point with some helpful tips on how to get you FTID, Foot In The Door! Jason seems to use some good old reliable networking 101 techniques, thanks for your useful insight into a rather new and emerging field that I think people my make it harder than it is.

    Thanks Guys!

    Gary Rust

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  • Online Forex Brokers

    Jasons message that you must reach out to and target your top 5 influential people to develop a personal relationship is a made to order blueprint for your use of twitter.

    Prior to this watching this excellent video, I always though of twitter as a marketing tool. I see I was quite wrong. It should be viewed as a ‘networking tool’.

    This new tweeting trend can replace or at least become a prelude to standard PR practices such as ‘taking someone out to dinner’. I can also readily see how it has increased his business as a PR presenter and speaker.

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  • Joey Logano Fan

    Another fantastic interview Michael, I absolutely love the interviews you do. It was great to hear how his good old fashioned networking lead him to bigger things, and how he had a plan all along from the beginning, and worked that plan.

  • Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

    Hiya Michael! The evolution of your blog is a really pleasing one. Your increased focus on social media, and the social media guru interviews are my favourites. This deserves a retweet.

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