Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog for 3rd Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

By Michael Stelzner

It’s time to open up nominations for our third annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers contest–the blogosphere’s biggest contest for writing blogs.

Since we first began this contest three years ago, blogs for writers have really taken off. Many of last years winners have gone on to build very successful blogs.

How to Nominate Your Favorite Writing Blog:

  1. Reply to this message with your nomination
  2. You have one vote (only your first will be counted)
  3. Please include the URL of the blog
  4. Explain why you think the blog is worthy of winning this year’s award?

To make the cut, a blog must be nominated more than once.

The winners will be announced here and also in our 20,000 reader newsletter.

Nominations must be received by September 12, 2008.


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  • Rebecca Blackwell

    I want to nominate Sonia Simon’s Remarkable Communication blog.

    Sonia is witty, insightful and relevant. Her blog is one of those that, if you aren’t careful, you start reading and look up and realize 4 hours have gone by.

  • Todd Smith

    I want to nominate Sonia Simone’s “Remarkable Communication”

    She writes wonderfully. I have learned a ton from her soft approach to selling and I look forward to every post she writes.

  • Michael@ Awareness * Connection

    I’d like to nominate Sonia Simone’s Remarkable Communication blog
    for your Top Ten Blogs for Writers contest. Love the way she keeps
    the reader’s interest and conveys practical concepts that can be
    used right away. I find something inspiring as a writer every time I visit.

    Michael@ Awareness * Connection’s last blog post..Save the Words for the Happy Times, Part III: How to Bring Your Child in on the Solution

  • Christina Katz

    I’d like to nominate Jane Friedman’s blog over at Writer’s Digest, There Are No Rules.

    It’s tough love for writers from an editor’s point of view and I think her intention to be helpful comes through loud and clear:

  • Nathalie

    I’d like to nominate Writer Mama’s blog written by Christina Katz. I read it every morning and it has become my daily dose of writing information and inspiration. Katz serves a niche group of writers but her posts are universal for all seeking to combine their skills, dreams and hard work into a writing career.

    Nathalie’s last blog post..Shameless self promotion

  • Lorraine

    Lots of terrific blogs–but my vote goes to the brilliant cussing copywriter/marketer/mother/humanitarian Naomi Dunford at IttyBiz.

    Tagline tips and headline “how-tos” are invaluable, but I need more.

    I crave inspiration.

    And Naomi’s courage, goodness and compassion for the itty of the world—that’s most of us, admit it or not—provides inspiration in spades.

  • Jason K.

    I vote for Sonia at She’s an excellent writer, plus her content will help make you a better writer. What else could you want in a blog for writers?

  • Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations

    Top choice to

    She has provided me with more in-depth information then I can use in a year’s worth of time. But its OK. I took notes :) GO Naomi!

    That’s not to say there weren’t a lot of other really hard choices to choose from. I wish I had more choices. Amy Derby and and several others made it really hard to choose, but there’s only one Naomi.

    Wendi Kelly-Life’s Little Inspirations’s last blog post..The Power of Your Secret Weapon

  • Jane Friedman

    I nominate Writer Mama Riffs (Christina Katz):

    She has consistently valuable information for freelance writers & book authors, and is constantly giving back to the community that supports her (through giveaways, events, etc).

    Jane Friedman’s last blog post..10 Years in Publishing: What I’ve Learned (#1)

  • Jane Friedman

    I nominate Writer Mama Riffs (Christina Katz):

    She has consistently valuable information for freelance writers & book authors, and is constantly giving back to the community that supports her (through giveaways, events, etc).

    Jane Friedman’s last blog post..10 Years in Publishing: What I’ve Learned (#1)

  • Maribeth (marnini)

    I nominate Christina Katz over at

    Christina’s blog is inspirational, informative, fun and the one to beat.

    Maribeth (marnini)’s last blog post..Walking on Sunshine

  • DJ Francis

    Please cast my vote for Sonia Simone over at

    She’s intelligent without seeming uppity, gives advice while remaining polite, and is useful while still being funny. And that gets my vote any day of the week.

    DJ Francis’s last blog post..Social Media Best Practice: Be Vigilant

  • rincy

    hey i like this blog called that has these awesome nuggets to help you in various fields like business, leadership, management, finance, technology, life…they use simple but effectively powerful words and the way they write is something which i have not yet come across in any blog…luv this vote is for them! they truly stand out.

  • Alison is fabulous! Not only do I read each of Sonia’s blogs, I keep most of ‘em. She’s just downright engaging.

  • mack collier

    My nomination is Ann Handley’s blog:

    Ann has only been writing her personal blog for a few months, but already her stellar writing has built up an avid community of fans of her work. It’s no coincidence that every post receives dozens of comments, as her stories remind us of similar episodes from our own lives, and she paints her posts with such humor and flair that we end up sharing our own stories in the comments so that they take on a life of their own as we recall and relate our own experiences.

    She’s the best writer I know of. It’s a badge of honor among her readers to be the first person to share a new post from Ann with everyone else.

  • Beth Harte

    I second Mack Collier’s nomination! Ann Handley’s blog, ANNARCHY, is wonderful. Ann is a wonderful writer.

  • Amadou M. Sall

    I nominate Ann Handley’s Annarchy (

    If you want to learn how to write a story and also how to be INTERESTING, read Ann Handley – and model her!

  • Amber Naslund

    And I fourth or fifth or whatever the nomination for Annarchy by Ann Handley.

    If ever there was evocative, suck-you-in-and-make-you-stick-around writing, Ann’s is it. If the book comes out soon, I’m camping out outside the bookstore.

  • Leigh Durst

    I recommend Ann Handley’s Annarchy Blog ( as well. She’s a truly gifted writer who blends literary skill with a sense of irony and humor. Ann will make you laugh and cry while reading the same post. She will take you to place of reflection, nostalgia and contemplation. She says things many of us are afraid to say and with naked honesty. Her self deprecation and transparency aren’t indulgent — they’re just real. This drives audience affinity and a lot of interaction. She doesn’t have readers — she has friends. Just check out the rich number of comments tied to each scrumptious post. I personally look forward to Ann’s posts. They are like scrumptious deserts that should be enjoyed crumb by crumb…word by word. Ann is really in her element with this blog…and I hope she writes a book soon.

  • Junnette A.

    I vote for Sonia Simone’s Remarkable Communicationblog. She gives very practical and brilliant–indeed remarkable–advice for content writers and marketers (and of course to anyone who simply wishes to write, period). is also fantastic (I’ve been recommending it to colleagues and anyone I know who would pay attention).

    I’ll also go check out the other great resources nominated here. Thanks, everyone!

  • Monika Mundell

    Wow, what a nice surprise to come back to. I would like to thank Cath, Kevin and Brett for your votes. I didn’t even know this competition was happening. LOL, talking about having my head stuck in the toilet bowl. Oops.

    Anyway, I really appreciate most of the nominated blogs here. Granted, I don’t know all of them but many are in my reader.

    It is hard to vote, because I don’t like to pull favorites at all. However, because of the name of the game it will have to be simply for the reason that I have learned so much from these guys and while I don’t have the time to engage in their awesome discussions, I still read them most days.

    Plus James and Harry are great bloggers who really care about their crowd. Go the Pen Man. Rock on!

  • Chris Brogan…

    Ann Handley hands down. . She’s going to have a book deal any day now. Her memoirs are crisp, poignant, a perfect mix of sweet and sour, and never cliche. I never know where she’s going next, but in that winding country road way, not that “lost” way.

    That’s my vote.

  • Jon Swanson

    Joanna Young at is where I go for writing. She identifies themes (writing with confidence, with transparency, with respect) and then builds a community of comments, of guest writers, of links. She is about helping writers build confidence…and does it in part by listening to us and building our confidence as correspondents and commenters and contributors.

    She invites us into her sitting room, serves tea, and delights in the conversation.

    Jon Swanson’s last blog post..Seven years and 2751 moments later

  • Christine

    Jean Gogolin’s WordTales is terrific–her tips work even for my 8th grade students. She’s witty, smart, and insightful.

  • Nic Nelson

    I nominate Randy Ingermanson’s Advanced Fiction Writing Blog, at

    Randy is probably best known as the creator of the Snowflake Method of novel-writing. Yes, he focuses tightly on novelists, but he is so funny I’d read him purely for entertainment value. His e-zine is really where his sense of humor comes across, actually, and it’s one of the most widely subscribed e-zine in the world of fiction writing… but his blog gets more deeply into the meaty goodness of writing the Next Great Novel, a Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Half the work is marketing yourself and your writing, of course… and as I focus mainly on articles, I treasure everything he says on marketing. A vein of gold for me in a rich mine for novelists.

  • patrick prothe – newer but awesome wit and wisdom with huge potential (I believe). Not that there are many others also worthy!

  • Harriet Weinstein

    I nominate the Renegade Writers blog. There is always a variety of helpful articles and it is fun to read.

  • Becky McCray

    I second Jon Swanson’s nomination of Joanna Young,

    I really like her monthly themes. For September, the theme is writing with respect.

    She is direct, friendly, and her suggestions are useful.

    Becky McCray’s last blog post..How to figure out your revenue goals

  • Michael Stelzner

    Nominations are officially closed now…

  • thomaswii4life

    Oh nice. Seeing is believing..
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