Who Inspires Your Writing? A Podcast

By Michael Stelzner

Who inspires your writing?

This is a question I asked in my recent article over at Copyblogger.com

Listen to what I have to say below.

So what inspires your writing?

If you want to see the responses from folks over at Copyblogger, follow this link.


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  • http://home doug rosbury

    Who inspires my writing? No human writer, no human source. Within me, I have a sense of what is to be written. the words come and I monitor them.
    Then I type them. I seem to understand the context and I anticipate the words to come. It seems to be a partnership of two realms or two person
    alities. I suspect this is the case with many, or most writers. Some writing
    may very well be cases of plagiarism which, in my opinion is simply theft.
    But when I write, I certainly don’t recognize what comes out as having been written before. Who inspires my writing? In a way It doesn’t really
    matter who inspires me because what really matters is the words themselves. The words themselves inspire my writing. They come if you
    will as an answer to my prayer for something to say that is appropriate
    to the need of the situation. but isn’t it true that all prayers have an answer? Sincerely Doug Rosbury

  • http://www.christianmovienews.com Angela

    Good Podcast. Thanks! As you mentioned, God – through prayer, whether answered or not – inspires my writing.

    I work for filmmakers & write about faith & film, so often, conversations with our producers will inspire me. I just talked with Bobby – he’s been in L.A. for meetings & they’re trying to cast our next film. So talking about the difficulties they’re having inspires me – gives me ideas about topics & some interesting approaches to them.

    I’m inspired as well by reading, as you mentioned. Often, I like to read someone whose viewpoint is the opposite of mine, because it causes me to examine why I think a certain way, and I find myself crafting a response.

  • http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/blog/ Michael Stelzner

    Angela and Doug; Thanks for your comments :) – Mike