Writers! Looking for More Time to Write?

By Michael Stelzner

If you’re like most writers, you wish you had more time to write.

Based on the 100+ responses to my post, What Keeps You From Writing, I found that time is one of the biggest issues writers face (no surprise here!).

In my newest article for Copyblogger.com, I examine the how to find time to write.

The article is called Time is NOT on Your Side: Time Management Tips for Writers. Here’s an excerpt:

I can hear him singing it now, “Time is on my side, yes it is!” Whether time is still on Mick Jagger’s side is debatable, but it’s certainly NOT on my side.

Over time, even Rolling Stones erode. And time is also one of the main things that keeps writers from getting things done.

Do you have issues with time? How do you find more time to write?

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  • http://home Doug Rosbury

    To whom it may concern, We have limited opportunities within each day to
    act on chosen projects. This prospect should be viewed with a smile for it is our challenge to fit into that day as though we have but one chance to get a message out. However, there is one obstacle we must master. That obstacle is our own greed for recognition. Indeed, if we put ourselves first, we open the door for our own personality flaws to intervene and cause disruption in
    our plans. If we put the welfare, the informing of others first, then we can relax and allow the spirit to perform its magical feat of fitting us in to the
    available time. This is the truth of it because it is the human ego that causes our concern, our anxiety but it is our faith that makes great things probable. Faith ignores limitations And what gets done turns out to be our
    best contribution. Oh ye of little faith, go in peace and sin no more.
    Let your spirit do its magic ——Doug Rosbury

  • http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/blog/ Michael Stelzner

    Thanks for your comments Doug

  • http://home Doug Rosbury

    How much do we relegate faith to a religious belief and as we put it behind that partition it becomes unavailable to be our main tool for making things happen. There is this “separation of church and state” idea that creates the impression that faith doesn’t belong in the flow of daily life and is only an
    article of religious belief, when in fact, it is faith that makes all things possible.
    How, for instance could you walk across the street with all of the implications of such an act if it were not also an act of faith? Faith is free to us for any purpose under the sun. ANY PURPOSE (!!!) using our faith, we can circumvent
    our ego based limitations such as worrying about having enough time in the day for writing. With faith we can transcend all limitations because our faith is a direct connection with God and it is God who takes over if and when we are willing to set aside our ego based limitations.—-So——-
    A word to the wise is sufficient.——Doug Rosbury