Your White Paper Landing Pages – A Podcast

By Michael Stelzner

I want to see your good , bad and ugly white paper landing pages.

I’m talking about those registration pages you must complete before you can access a white paper.

Listen below for more information.


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  • Alexey Linkov

    hi Michael, here is the link to out white paper landing page:

    BTW, can you advice what mac software i should use to quickly create a 3 column layout for a white paper. I’ve been thinking about Apple Pages or maybe some professional products like Quark. But i really want something streamlined. Currenty i use MS Word’s textboxes and its a pain.

  • Alexey Linkov

    Oh, sorry for the link above. i should’ve read the post twice :)

  • Cathy Chatfield-Taylor

    I have no affiliation with the vendor but had to complete this form to get the white paper (which was, in my opinion, not a white paper at all):

    A good addendum to your presentation would be delivering on what is promised on the landing page.

  • Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with “sketch”)

    I don’t have a white paper landing page (yet), but did want to give you a tip for the podcast. Two of them, actually. It sounded like the sound was being clipped, which means your input was too loud. Turn down the levels a bit or step back from the mic. Second, please remember to fill in the ID3 tags so that the file doesn’t come up as “Unknown” in people’s MP3 players.