Why Are You Distracted? A Mini Podcast

By Michael Stelzner

Okay everyone.

Now for something totally out of the ordinary.

I have decided to record today’s post in audio rather than simply write it out.

The topic: What distracts you??

Please let me know what you think!


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  • http://www.straightpitch.com Jason Falls

    Nice little bell and whistle to start the weekend! I enjoyed it and would listen or read. I will honestly say I enjoy having the ability to continue browsing in another window while I listen … of course, that’s multi-tasking overload and I either don’t read intently or don’t listen intently — one or the other.

    I also tune out and focus by putting on the headphones. Sorry to hear about your iPod. The only way around not having my headphones around is to turn off all ringers, close the door or even put a sign on it asking folks to come back later, and even shut down my email software. I minimize the possibility of distraction, then have only my overactive imagination to blame.

    Taming him? Well that’s something we all grapple with I would imagine.

  • http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/blog/ Michael Stelzner

    Hey Jason

    Thanks for “listening.”

    Sometimes distractions are good :).

    I am real bummed about my iPod!


  • http://equipandempower.blogspot.com Carolyn

    Hey Mike,

    Nice “hearing” your post! Bummer about your iPod. Thanks for the reminder about distractions. I am distracted all the time. I think I may be ADD, but that’s another story. I have an easy enough time starting, but sticking with it is my problem. I always find something else to do. That’s probably why I read five books at one time and have four blogs!

    If I can take mini steps, I can continuously move toward completion of the goal. I can’t envision the whole, so I work piecemeal. It does help; unless I’m distracted! Thanks, Mike.

  • http://www.michellezavala.com Michelle

    Hi Mike,

    For me, getting started is one of the hardest parts, so I set a kitchen timer for 45 minutes, face it away from me on my desk, and start focusing. After the first few minutes, time seems to fly by.

    And I also listen to classical music. I prefer it when writing because it has no words to distract me. I’d once read that the structure of classical music encourages creativity and learning.

    I like the podcast. It’s nice to “mix things up” a bit.

  • http://www.marcom-writer-blog.com Dianna Huff

    Michael, great topic. (Sorry about the iPod.) What distracts me? Being tired and burned out — which is what I am right now. Because I’m so tired, I have a very hard time focusing and feel like I am squeezing words out of my dried up sponge of a brain.

    So, instead of writing I do what you do — read other blogs, read Yahoo news, clean papers off my desk, and read reviews of The Bourne Ultimatum — which I am seeing this weekend. (woo hoo!)

    Thank goodness vacation starts next Friday. To quote Bourne — I’m falling off the grid for 12 days. :-)

  • gmv

    In answer to your first question I’d be up for a mix of audio and written posts — I like written posts better if I’m going to try to archive something away but I’ll only listen to an audio recording once. On the other hand, since I suffer from information overload I’m guilty of just scanning an email and squirreling it away to “read more attentively later” (and later rarely ever comes.) Whereas I give more attention to audio when I decide it’s worth giving a listen.

    So what distracts me? Too many e-subscriptions in my inbox, the clutter on my desk, trying to catch up on household chores in between my day job and learning to be a marketing copywriter, juggling diverse personal and professional projects — etc. I think my distractions all come back to information overload, being overstimulated and overtired.

    I’ve never been one for listening to music frequently, but recently I’ve found success listening to hemi-synch recordings for concentraton — these are recordings of electronic music that act on brain-wave activity to aid in concentration. If I pop one of these in my CD player and put in on low I can really get a boost of productivity on. I haven’t yet seen these recordings in mp3 but I bet they are available.

  • Brian Spare

    Hi Mike

    Podcast, great idea. I would like to hear more of them. My condolences about your iPod. I’m glad to see you like clasical music too.

    My main distraction is my overactive mind. I usually have 2 or 3 thoughts on the go at one time. Trying to keep focus on one thing can be a chalenge and I find it hard to keep that thought for an extended length of time without the others coming to thee fore. Of course at home there are all the other distractions as well. Information overload is another distraction. If I read everything that comes my way and everything that I would like to read, I literally wouldn’t have time to write or much of anything else. So it’s great to be able to sit back and listen now and again.

  • http://www.carriefreelance.com carrie

    Hi Michael, sorry to hear about the Ipod, but can you still play music off your computer since it downloads there first, doesn’t it? I also get distracted at times and procrastinate on some projects. Things that distract me most are: loud noises or music, tv, too many e-mails, upsetting or concerning stories in the news, etc. My best way of focusing is to close the door to my office or bedroom and don’t come out until I make significant headway on a given project. Also, I learned at my job the importance of breaking down large tasks, and taking care of similar tasks together, like making a bunch of phone calls at once, or siimilar writing projects together, or online research, etc. So as not to get distracted by e-mail, I try and get to everything in my in box by dinnertime, but not necessarily let it consume my whole day, which it easily could. I also find exercise such as running, swimming, or yoga really helps me sit still. Best of luck with your upcoming workshop!

  • http://www.whitepapercompany.com/blog Jonathan Kantor


    Dateline NBC recently did a story on stolen iPods.

    It seems that once you register your iPod using iTunes, Apple can track that device when the thief attempts to use your iPod and iTunes on their computer. Apple doesn’t want to get involved with all the whole legal issues surrounding tracking the device, and users are trying to push Apple to do more since a lot of iPods are stolen each year.

    Here’s a link to the story: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20078671/


  • http://www.writingwhitepapers.com/blog/ Michael Stelzner

    Jonathan – Thanks for turning me onto that story. Too bad I am not working with Dateline. – Mike

  • http://www.christianmovienews.com Angela

    I like the audio.

  • Jean Louis Ibiza Voice

    And what happend to the copyright responsability of the track mp3 in a stolen Ipod?

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