Top 10 Writers Blogs 2006/2007 – Those in the Running

By Michael Stelzner

Wow! So I called for nominations for the top 10 writers blogs AND was I ever surprised with the response!

Here are the nominations for the top 10:

We will be accepting nominations until Nov. 30th.

See the winners!

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  • Chris Cree

    Mike I know Liz Strauss has lots of friends, but I’m still casting my vote for Successful-Blog!

    Oh, and I must be tired. I had trouble with the arithmetic in the captcha. Sheesh!

  • Corena

    I will have to cast my vote for the Content Done Better Blog. He is very informative and covers the areas I want to know about.

  • Susan Weiner


    Thanks for introducing me to some new blogs!

    When I wear my hat as a copywriter, I particularly like the blogs by you, Bob Bly, Diana Huff and CopyBlogger.

  • Lswriter

    West of Mars!

  • jim McMullen

    I’m really new at this and want very much to help other authors/writers jump into the writing world. At my website I wrote my first book on writing. I titled it How To Awaken The Writer Within. What I did is write a book in reference to my methods of writing my first book Cry of the Panther: Quest of a Species, which to my amazement was a bestseller.
    Thanks so much for creating your website. This is a wonderful tool for all aspiring writers.
    From the swamps of the Florida Everglades
    Jim Mcmullen

  • jim McMullen

    In my previous submission I forgot to put in my website. It is
    Is this okay to mention my website?
    Thank you,
    Jim McMullen
    Aspiring Writer

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