Listen and Learn: A Podcast on White Papers and Podcasting

By Michael Stelzner

Do podcasts and white papers have a promising future? Is this a match made in heaven or an arranged marriage?

To find out the answer to these questions, check out a new podcast on this very subject.

John C. Havens, podcasting guru from, discusses white papers and podcasts with KnowledgeStorm—one of the leading white paper syndication outlets.

In a very entertaining fashion, Havens interviews Matt Lohman and Amber Reed from KnowledgeStorm about some new research that reveals podcasting should not be ignored.

Listen to the podcast (Be sure to click on “Listen to this episode here”).

Check out some of the other articles I wrote about podcasting and white papers.

What do you think about podcasting?

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  • John C. Havens

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m looking forward to hearing your future podcasts on white papers and your book.


  • Britton Manasco

    I imagine that podcasting has a much better future in association with white papers than without them. The trouble with podcasts on their own is that they are a slow paced and linear medium in an era of non-linear, multi-taking and attention deficit disorder.

    The white paper helps you browse and navigate the content in a way that the podcast (at this point anyway) does not. Of course, you can listen to podcasts in traffic and when you are too tired to read anymore.

    As for listening to them when you exercise, I think that’s a bad idea. Better to take the head phones off altogether and let the mind run free. It’s during an evening jog that I get some of my best ideas.

  • Michael Stelzner

    Hey Britton – You bring up some good points. However, an engaging podcast can hold a prospect much longer than the typical three minutes that folks allocate to written material. Only time will tell. However, I think they should be most certainly part of the marketing mix. – Mike

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