A Podcast Storm is Brewing

By Michael Stelzner

There has been a lot of buzz lately about how podcasts can provide excellent sales and lead generation vehicles—and possibly an alternative to white papers. Witness the latest announcement by KnowledgeStorm today that it will be offering podcasts via its large syndication network.

The announcement is significant for a few reasons. First, KnowledgeStorm is a major player in the world of content syndication, especially for white papers. See the review WhitePaperSource did about KnowledgeStorm here. Because they have decided to jump into this space, you can bet others like TechTarget/Bitpipe and ITpapers will be following rapidly.

Second, Jeff Ramminger, executive vice president, KnowledgeStorm said that reproductions of white papers, Webcasts, analyst research and articles will be the primary podcast content on the KnowledgeStorm network.

Click here to hear one of KnowledgeStorm’s White Paper PodCasts.

So now the question remains, how can some of this content, especially white papers, be converted into podcasts that folks want to listen to?

I think there are plenty of challenges and ideas that will need to be addressed or explored, including:

  • Possible creation of teaser podcasts for longer white papers
  • Re-examination of content to assure it will convert to a spoken medium
  • Exploration of how visual elements will convent to podcasts

This is an exciting and emerging opportunity. I look forward to see where it goes.

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    Was about to comment, then I saw the date of the post. What is the progress on this? I would love to listen to audio of white papers while I work, would save me a lot of time.

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